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pearlrevealcushion review
'I Hate People' - Reveal Cushion Cover
'I Hate People' - Reveal Cushion Cover
pearl reveal cushion review

'I Hate People' - Reveal Cushion Cover

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Imagine seeing the expression on someone's face when they reveal the hidden message...

Imagine uninvited or annoying guests coming over and commenting on how cute and sparkly your Pearl Reveal Cushion is until they play with it and see the passive aggressive pillow message revealed and that's when they're like "oh..." 

It all started with an annoying guest..

Our business was created because of an annoying neighbor.

We’re going to call this person Jude (that's because it's her real name).

*Jude rings the door bell and I answer the door*

Me: "Hello Jude, how's it going?"

Jude: Hey, it's going good. Just wanted to come say hi. Mind if I come in?

*Jude starts walking in before I get the chance to make up an excuse.*

Jude: “Wow, what a shiny lookin’ cushion you got there. Finally something that looks cute in your house.”

Me: “Uh, thanks? So what brings you here?

Jude: "Nothing really. Get me some water."

Me: "Ok...Take a seat *points to the couch with the cushion on it* I’m just gonna get some water. Give me a few minutes”

*Walks into kitchen to get water*

*Jude plays with the pillow and discovers the petty message*

*I walk back into the living room with two glasses of water*

Jude: “Hey I just noticed this pillow reveled a message saying “Fuck off”. What’s up with that?

Me: “oh haha, it’s just a cushion I bought that I thought was super funny. It's perfect for when guests come over uninvited and I want them to leave”

*I Stare at Jude with an intense, straight-faced glare*

*Jude seems confused. The room went silent. She takes a big gulp from her water* 

*Things get awkward as we just stared at each other*

Jude: “Anyways... I have to get going. Gotta feed the cats haha...”

Me: “Ok, bye. See you next time, Jude"

Jude: hahah for sure...

Product Details

  • Approximately 16 inches x 16 inches
  • Cushion Cover only (Cushion Insert is not included)
  • Primary color is Gold. Secondary color is White with black text.
  • Needs a 16 x 16 inch square cushion insert
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