About Us

It all started off with an annoying neighbor. We had a neighbor that always came uninvited and we wanted her to leave, in a nice, petty way.

During the same time, I was surfing Facebook and randomly saw these mermaid sequin cushions that changed color. on my timeline. We thought it was really cool and we wanted to put our own fun twist on it.

We got a sample cushion made with the text "Fuck off". And now it was the waiting game. I have never been this excited to have an uninvited guest over, especially my neighbor.

My neighbor's expression when she saw the hidden message was priceless. Mission accomplished. 

We were showing the cushion to friends and family for entertainment and they found it to be super funny. They started listing names of people they wanted to show this cushion to.

And that's how Pearl Reveal Cushions was born.

A few weeks later, we were featured on Geekologie and had created a post on Bored Panda

After this, our brand slowly started to gain traction. On September 21st, we were featured on a viral Facebook page, gaining over 12 million views in a week. 

Pearl Reveal Cushions has also been featured on Buzzfeed and Pretty52.

We have sold thousands of Pearl Reveal Cushions since we started out. Feel free to check some of our reviews here

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